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Coming up with novel ideas is a complex, partly unconscious and long-term process. During this process we often get stuck several times. Sometimes we even have to start all over again which results in a frustrating experience for everybody in the team. Therefore we would like to raise the question why is it so difficult to generate breakthrough ideas?

We strongly believe that the reason lies in finding the essence of your ideas. The essence is manifested in every single thing that exists. It is part of your mental thoughts as well as in physical things surrounding us. These things that the essence is manifested in is everything from a plant, animal, mountain to the world as a whole. It is also manifested in us and our creations.

Philosopher Spinoza said: If the essence in our creations does not emerge, it is because our ideas can be flawed. Therefore we need to visualize and connect the manifested pieces to uncover the essence of our ideas. In order to gather and link these pieces you will have to explore and exploit not only your own thoughts, but also the sentiments of your environment.

To reveal the essence it is important to create a whole picture which unites all relevant internal and external information. Look out for third party requirements, wishes and restrictions and combine them with your own thoughts, experiences and references. Only by merging the inside and outside world you will be able to generate breakthrough ideas.

Great ideas will always be close and it is up to us to disclose them. Once you found the essence of your idea you will be able to answer the question: What key features want to come truly into existence?